At 26, Caroline is a driven and accomplished professional, who has dedicated her career to service.  She has grown as both a fine-dining server and manager at some of Canada’s top hospitality employers, including two of the most recognized restaurant groups in greater Halifax. Her social personality, inquisitive mind, and passion for people have been her greatest assets over the course of her career. 

Caroline believes in “civic duty”  and values social advocacy and the democratic process. She has volunteered for past Federal & Provincial elections, but this is her first ever bid for office. Caroline was raised with strong idealist principles in regards to politics and governance, and at her core, she believes in altruism, comradery, and spreading the wealth.

She believes in a government 4 the people, by the people, of the people & equality in opportunity for all.


Caroline believes that Budget Reform will help us to better survive the economic losses of COVID-19, but her primary concerns for the Municipality are the lack of affordable housing/rentals, ever-increasing wealth inequality, and dismantling known discrimination within our government. 


Caroline was born in Preston Ontario, a close-knit community about 45 minutes away from Toronto. She moved to the Municipality three years ago, after graduating from College for Restaurant and Hotel Management.  Prior to that, she studied Political Science at Wilfrid Laurier University.  In 2020, she became a proud first time homeowner, and she looks forward to building a long and happy life here. She is incredibly grateful for everything Halifax and its people have given her,

and now she just wants to do what she can.

If you would like to donate to Caroline's campaign, please interac e-transfer to williston4hrm@gmail.com 

Municipal Election donations are not eligible for a tax receipts,

however we can provide a receipt for your own personal records upon request :)

Thank You 4 Your Support!


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